Working towards a safer industry

The Best Bar None scheme brings a range of benefits to operators in the licensed trade, writes BBN Scotland chair Mandy Haeburn-Little

Best Bar None is appealing to venues of all shapes and sizes across Scotland, says Mandy Haeburn-Little

TWELVE years on from its beginning, Best Bar None (BBN) Scotland is looking to make a much bigger contribution to the country’s landscape.

Since its launch in 2005, the Best Bar None accreditation scheme has established itself in 58 towns, cities and villages across Scotland.

Our ambition is to develop our group of partners and sponsors to continue driving up standards across the licensed trade industry, from 10,000 seater venues through to local pubs, hotels and niche bars.

BBN is about creating a great environment to be in. Now, however, BBN also has the chance to contribute to some of the other wider Scottish conversations including those around safer places and community inclusion.

BBN has the chance to contribute to wider conversations around safer places.

The BBN scheme is supported by Diageo, Molson Coors, Heineken, Tennent’s, Maxxium and Chivas Brothers and is an integral part of promoting a safer Scotland and building safer communities.

It has been created through the partnership working of Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Scottish Business Resilience Centre and the Scottish Licensed Trade Association to celebrate and reward licensed premises looking after their customers and helping to improve Scotland’s day and night time economy.

We welcome more in the trade engaging with Best Bar None to deliver our mission statement of “supporting venues to maximise their potential in delivering excellence” in support of the trade in Scotland.

Mandy Haeburn-Little is chief executive of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre and chair of Best Bar None Scotland

We also welcome the chance to be at the forefront of some of those wider city and town conversations, how BBN can contribute to local festivals, sporting occasions and discussions on creating pedestrian areas.

On the licensing side, in response to evolving needs and challenges across the industry, BBN works closely with Police Scotland to deliver a number of initiatives such as vulnerability awareness training and counter terrorism training designed for crowded places.

Employees will, we hope, get a real sense of pride, personal development and better satisfaction where their employer is aligned with a scheme to improve standards. Managers and owners get direct support and advice on an ongoing basis from their local BBN co-ordinators and partners.

Membership also allows venues to apply for annual awards, which drives up standards and innovation across the industry.

Managers and owners get direct support and advice from co-ordinators.

And of course in joining the scheme, you will be joining a well-established national network of vision, best practice and a genuine desire to have a great leisure economy.

We all share the same loyalty to the customer and BBN is an opportunity to demonstrate that the industry is seeking to improve the customer’s wider needs in a sociable and safe environment.