A Quintessential addition

DRINKS firm Quintessential Brands has added two new products to its Alizé liqueur range in time for Christmas.

Champs-Alizé is a range of ‘sparkling wine infusions’ which comprises two flavours: Passion Fruit and Rose & Strawberry.

The drinks, which are packaged in single-serve, 20cl bottles, combine Alizé liqueur with sparkling wine and are targeted at young, professional women.

Quintessential said it introduced the new drinks to tap into a growing trend among this target market towards sparking wine and wine-based cocktails.

It said the products are well-suited to the on-trade, particularly during the festive season, by helping to keep service at the bar quick.

The firm is supporting the new products in the on-trade with branded ice buckets.

“We’re delighted to be extending the Alizé range with the launch of Champs-Alizé,” said Quintessential Brands co-founder, Enzo Visone.

“With its eye-catching look, premium fruity flavour profiles and easy serve format, there’s great potential for the brand in the on-trade, as we’re confident our customers will see during the festive season.”

Champs-Alizé marks the first expansion to the Alizé liqueur range since its launch in 1984.

The core Alizé range, produced by French company L&L, which is in turn owned by Quintessential Brands, blends vodka and Cognac and includes the core flavours of Gold Passion (passion fruit); Red Passion (cranberry); and Bleu Passion (cherry and ginger).