Management focus for Kained

Kained directors Mo Clark, Graham Suttle and Scott Arnot.

KAINED Holdings, the Glasgow-based bars group, has launched a new management development programme for its staff.

The initiative, which includes trips overseas to experience different food and drink trends first-hand, culminates in the employees developing a business plan which they are then free to present to prospective landlords or pub companies. The directors have acknowledged that the programme may help to create future competition for the company.

In addition to the management programme, the company has also introduced the ‘stagiare’ – French for ‘apprenticeship’ – where chefs from across the company are encouraged to visit restaurants across Scotland and further afield to experience new techniques and cuisines.

The initiatives were developed by Kained director Scott Arnot, who founded the business with fellow directors Mo Clark and Graham Suttle.

“To continue to do what we do, we need the very best people the industry has to offer,” said Arnot.

“We have to be competitive. We are honest with our staff, the company’s growth is strategic so not everyone can be promoted to area manager. That’s why we have to look at other ways to attract the best staff to be part of our journey.

“We want to provide our employees with the skills, experience and training to one day run their own business. If that means they become competitors, then we’ll just have to be up to the challenge!”

Kained Holdings, which was named SLTN Independent Multiple Operator of the Year at the SLTN Awards in November, operates nine venues in Glasgow and Edinburgh, including Lebowskis, The Finnieston and the Kelbourne Saint.