Single-serve tonic is in the can

New mixer format introduced

NEW single-serve tonic waters in can format have been launched by the firm behind premium soft drinks brand Franklin & Sons.

The range comprises Natural Indian Tonic Water and Natural Light Tonic Water in 150ml cans, with lemonade and soda variants due to be added in the coming months.
Global Brands said the launch of the 150ml can format is designed to complement Franklin & Sons’ range of bottled mixers and comes as demand for premium mixers is said to be continuing to grow.
Justin Horsman, brand controller at Franklin & Sons, said the new cans are ideal for all types of outlet, including late night venues which offer ‘bottle to table’ serves as an alternative to glass bottles, are easily transportable and are said to result in less wastage.
“Cans are rapidly gaining popularity for premium drinks,” said Horsman.
“This addition to the portfolio complements our existing bottled formats, providing more choice to our customers.
“As Franklins continues to find success with our mixers range, we wanted to expand our portfolio to offer a full variety of product formats, so venues can continuously provide a premium experience.
“Late night venues face several issues serving glass bottles, to combat this we have created a premium can solution that no one else is delivering, thus ensuring outlets can continue to serve high-end drinks with ease and elegance.
“The 150ml Natural and Natural Light cans provide the proper measurement to pair perfectly with a wide variety of premium spirits, cocktails or single serves, an ideal selection for any bar.”