Cracking into on-trade cocktail trends

THE Funkin range of cocktail purees has been extended ahead of summer with the launch of Funkin Pro Coconut Puree.

• Classic cocktails are back in demand.

Funkin said the new puree has been launched in response to a resurgence in classic cocktails, and claimed the product is made using “100% natural coconuts from Indonesia”, as well as containing no artificial flavourings, colourings, sweeteners or preservatives.
In addition to creating classic cocktails such as the Piña Colada, the coconut puree is said to be ideal for a variety of summer drinks.
Funkin Pro Coconut Puree is available to the on-trade in cases of five 1kg pouches with a 12-month shelf life; they can also be frozen for later use.
Funkin managing director Andrew King commented that the new variant “allows bartenders to be creative and experiment with this versatile ingredient to develop signature cocktails or inventive twists on a classic whilst ensuring quality and flavour”.

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Suggested serve – Piña Colada

25ml Havana Club 3 Year Old
25ml Malibu
37.5ml Funkin Pro Coconut Puree
37.5ml Funkin Pro Pineapple Puree
15ml Funkin Pro Sugar Cane
5ml Funkin Pro Pour Lime
Pinch of salt

Blend with crushed ice
Serve in a hurricane glass


Suggested serve –
Piña Colada