A fresh take on ‘low and no’ drinks lists

Alcohol-free drinks producer is looking to encourage a menu rethink

Stryyk menu
The online tool allows operators to have their drinks lists altered to include Stryyk cocktails.

AN alcohol-free spirits producer is aiming to overhaul drinks menus across the UK with the launch of a new online tool.

The ‘menu-hack’ tool, from drinks company Elegantly Spirited, producer of the Stryyk range, allows operators to submit the drinks lists for their venues, which the company will then alter to include non-alcoholic versions of gin, vodka and rum cocktails using its three products – Not Gin, Not Vodka and Not Rum – in place of the usual spirits.

The amended artwork will then be emailed back to the operator, with a blue ‘S’ logo next to any cocktail containing Stryyk in place of a regular spirit.

Elegantly Spirited claims the tool will allow licensees to capitalise on a growing demand for low and no-alcohol serves in the on-trade, particularly during January, when some consumers observe ‘dry January’ (ie. don’t consume alcohol during the month) after the indulgence of the festive season.

The drinks company claims around 4.2 million people in the UK signed up to ‘dry January’ this year.

Alex Carlton, co-founder of Elegantly Spirited, said the licensed trade “needs to embrace dry January and changing social trends and maximise the incremental profit opportunity that the low and no sector offers”.

“The demand for low and no-alcohol is gathering pace exponentially and it is time for the on-trade to sit up and take action by offering consumers a choice that extends beyond soft drinks and mocktails,” said Carlton.

“Our products are category-aligned, plug and play, designed to act exactly like their alcoholic counterparts.

“You can Stryyk all the cocktails your consumers already love with no specialist training required.”

Elegantly Spirited was founded by Carlton and Andrew King, the duo who founded and grew the Funkin cocktail mixer brand.

Funkin was sold to AG Barr in 2015, with the Scottish soft drinks firm this year taking a £1 million, 20% stake in Elegantly Spirited. AG Barr also committed to long-term distribution of Stryyk, via its Funkin subsidiary.

Operators can find out more about the Stryyk menu tool at the brand’s website, stryyk.com