Crafting the next beer generation

• Dan Scott and Nancy Nangle.

GREENE King has launched a new apprenticeship that gives students the chance to work towards a bespoke qualification – and create their own beers along the way.
Dubbed the Craft Academy, apprentices will, with the help of experienced mentors, learn all about brewing, design, marketing and sales.
During the 18-month course, apprentices will be taught industry-specific skills as they work towards earning the qualification.
The first Craft Academy course is already underway, with the two apprentices, Nancy Nangle and Dan Scott, said to have played a key role in the launch, sales and marketing of the Academy’s first range of beers and in the creation of future core, seasonal and limited edition products.
The first five beers from the Craft Academy will debut at Craft Beer Rising 2017 and include: Over Easy, a 3.8% session IPA; Big Bang IPA, a 5.6% citrus IPA; Bitter Sweet, a 6% black IPA; Desert Ryeder, a 4.8% rye beer; and High & Dry, a 5% dry hop lager.
Commenting on the experience, Nangle said: “It’s been amazing to work on the first range of products, and we’ve got great plans to come.”
Scott added that “there’s so much more to it than meets the eye” and they are “excited to take the first range to Craft Beer Rising”.
George Johnston of Greene King said the apprenticeship “gives young people the chance to learn in-depth about each component of the brew process, right from creating the recipe and designing the branding to marketing and selling the beers”.
Applications will open for further apprentices in future.