Turret takes some time off

Turret the distillery cat

STAFF at Glenturret Distillery feared the worst when distillery cat Turret didn’t turn up for work earlier this month.

Despite searching the site – from the grain stores to the Wilde Thyme restaurant – there was no sign of the mouser-in-chief.

Worried staff began to lose hope, until a social media post from a member of staff at the nearby Crieff Hydro resort shed light on the mischievous moggy’s whereabouts.

Turret had taken an impromptu holiday at the hotel; and, while he awaited his lift back to Glenturret, got the chance to sample the resort’s facilities, including the spa.

Following his mini-break, Turret is now back at work at Glenturret Distillery and The Famous Grouse Experience.