Bringing unity to Ayr community

A NEW ‘social’ restaurant designed to help tackle food poverty in Ayr smashed its crowd-funding target this month.
A goal of £5000 was set by the founders of The Unity Grill in order to cover the costs of fitting out the restaurant’s commercial kitchen. But the target was surpassed with a total of £6210 raised.
The concept of the restaurant, which was founded by Angela McNay (pictured), along with directors Laura Waters and Ruth Marshall, is to tackle food poverty in the town by catering to everyone – regardless of their ability to pay.
Operating on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis with a suggested minimum price to cover the cost of the meal, there will be no set prices at the restaurant. Those who can’t afford to pay will be asked to volunteer their time instead. McNay said the aim is “to help alleviate hunger in a meaningful, communitarian way”.