Serves driving sales

DRINKS distributor Hi-Spirits has released a range of festive seasonal serves for four of its key brands, aimed at helping bars lift their spirits sales this Christmas.
Dan Bolton, managing director of Hi-Spirits, said the firm reckons a seasonal drinks menu “will persuade customers to trade-up and treat themselves” this Christmas and so the firm has produced drinks with “strong visual appeal and a great flavour”.

Hi-Spirits festive serves:

Southern Comfort Hot Party Punchsouthern-comfort-christmas-hot-party-punch
•  25ml Southern Comfort
•  25ml RedLeg Spiced Rum
•  50ml apple juice
•  Ginger beer/ale
Method: Gently heat all ingredients (do not boil), pour into mug, sprinkle with cinnamon, garnish and serve.

Fireball Apple Strudel
•  25ml Fireball
•  25ml Southern Comfort
•  100ml cloudy apple juice

Method: Build in a highball glass over cubed ice and lightly stir.

RedLeg Rum Hot Rum Slap
•    25ml RedLeg
•    Half-and-half hot apple juice and hot ginger
•    15ml Cinnamon gomme
Method: Combine in mug or heat-proof glass.

Buffalo Trace Cranberry Christmas
•  50ml Buffalo Trace
•  Cranberry juice
•  Rosemary
Method: Fill highball glass with ice, add Buffalo Trace and cranberry juice, garnish with rosemary.