Raising a glass to the on-trade

New campaign celebrates whisky brand’s links to Glasgow

WHYTE & Mackay has rolled out a new marketing campaign in Glasgow in honour of the city which is said to have helped “shape the whisky’s smooth taste and character”.

Whyte & Mackay Mirror Laura Cameron poses in front of the Whyte & Mackay mirror in Glasgow's Merchant City. 28/9/16 Picture © Andy Buchanan 2016
• The interactive mirror will ‘speak’ to people who stand in front of it.

As part of the Stay Smooth, Glasgow activity, the whisky firm launched an interactive mirror, which ‘spoke’ to passers by; as people stood in front of the mirror, words appeared on the glass reminding them to ‘stay smooth’ and complimenting their look with a “typically Glaswegian turn of phrase”. Everyone who used the ‘talking’ mirror was in line to receive a voucher to redeem for a dram of Whyte & Mackay in Glasgow pubs including Blackfriars, Sloans, The Griffin, Maggie Mays and Brel.

The person who is deemed to best embody “Glasgow’s inherent sense of style” will be chosen to feature in the Stay Smooth, Glasgow exhibition of “colourful personalities” from the city shot by Glaswegian photographer David Boni, which will open to the public in November.
The ‘chatty’ mirror was backed by a city-wide advertising campaign, digital activity and on-trade point of sale kits.
Roslyn Lamont, Scotland & North regional manager at Whyte & Mackay, said the Stay Smooth, Glasgow activity is designed to “celebrate Glaswegians’ sense of individuality” and highlight the provenance of Whyte & Mackay.

Glasgow has been Whyte & Mackay’s heartland since 1844.

“Glasgow has been Whyte & Mackay’s heartland since 1844 and we’re very proud to come from a city with such character,” said Lamont.
“Stay Smooth, Glasgow is our way of supporting those who have helped shape our surprisingly smooth blended Scotch whisky for the last 172 years – which of course includes our loyal on and off-trade accounts.”