Security licensing system goes online

TENS of thousands of individuals across the UK have already used the Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) new website after the organisation updated its licensing process.

The SIA announced at the beginning of the year that it planned to handle all licence applications and renewals online.
A dedicated website was launched in early July to handle the issuing and renewal of SIA licences, including door supervisor licences.
Users are required to create an online account and can then apply for a new licence, or check the status of and renew an existing licence.
They will also receive notifications from the site when their licence is due to expire.
Businesses are also able to register in order to pay for an employee’s licence, and companies on the SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme can carry out background checks on new applicants, apply for licences on behalf of staff and be notified when licences are issued.
According to the SIA, more than 20,000 people and 660 businesses used the site in the first fortnight.
“This is an important milestone and reflects the dedication of many people in our organisation to develop and deliver a new licensing system that serves the needs of individuals and businesses,” said SIA chief executive Alan Clamp.