A fresh look at nightclubs

IN many cases, students have a wealth of late night entertainment available to them just a stone’s throw away, so to generate loyalty, it’s vital that our venues successfully differentiate themselves from the competition, writes Deltic Group head of marketing, Tim Howard.

We do that by ensuring faultless delivery on the night and by prioritising service.
In our clubs, the days of waiting in a queue to get into a club, waiting at the bar to catch the barman’s eye or the dreaded loo queue are behind us.
Now, the waiting time at the bar is no more than three minutes.
In addition to service, our focus is on delivering the best entertainment we can offer. We want to give our guests the very best experiences.
We believe that to be the leaders in the field, you need to know what you want your venue to be famous for and then deliver it consistently, whilst keeping it feeling new. That’s how we approach our entertainment.
There are a number of strategies we use to promote EPIK, our flagship fresher event, many of which vary depending on the venue.
Our primary target audience is freshers and other university students, so we appreciate the good relationships we have in place with universities, who help us to maximise our voice. We also use our venues’ social media channels to shout about the launch and showcase deals.
We understand that the weekends aren’t the only popular student nights, so we make sure that we go beyond Big Night Out – our weekend offering – to offer more variety. These include weekly house DJs offering all types of music, including house, dance, R&B and party. To complement those weekly nights, we produce special themed nights, which range from foam parties, UV parties and geek parties to student events, boxing events, comedy nights and ladies nights. Personal appearances also feature heavily in our roster – we aim to host the top DJs, musicians and television stars.
Undoubtedly, Big Night Out is one of the most exciting operations to pull together.
We’re looking forward to welcoming a new wave of freshers and returning university students this month, and showing them what great entertainment looks like.
• Deltic Group’s venues include Liquid in Dundee, Institute in Aberdeen and Cav in Edinburgh.