Producers weigh in on how to host the perfect festival

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FROM local rural pubs to city centre outlets, beer festivals are becoming an increasingly popular sight, popping up across the Scottish on-trade. For publicans looking to run a beer festival, brewers offered the following advice:
beer festival
• “Less can be more. Too many festivals focus on over the top entertainment, and lose sight of what the event is all about: great beer.
“Some of the best I’ve been to are just a handful of good breweries pouring their own beer in a room full of people who want to try something new.”
– Jamie Maitland, Fallen Brewing

• “Breweries such as ourselves are always delighted to get involved in festivals regardless of the size.  Focus on contacting and involving a couple of breweries.”
– Andrew Chapman, Keith Brewery

• “Choose a diverse range of beer styles and give customers the option to buy in 1/3 units as well as 1/2 and pints. Include a good range of local beers, a branded glass and some great music and remember to promote it well!”
– Jo Stewart, Stewart Brewing