BHA to hold Brexit summit

The British Hospitality Association is convening its members on Monday (June 27) to discuss the impact of the EU referendum on the sector.

Fiona Hyslop MSP
Holyrood minister expected to attend

BHA chief executive Ufi Ibrahim said the organisation will meet with industry and political leaders to “discuss economic and political ramifications in the short term”.
Participants at the BHA Summit will include Scottish Government cabinet secretary for culture, tourism and external affairs Fiona Hyslop.
Ibrahim said the BHA “will be framing a plan to ensure that we have a seat at the table on all negotiations including taxation, immigration and regulation”.
“The EU referendum question represented a profound moment for the future of our industry,” said Ibrahim.
“Hospitality and tourism benefits from a flourishing economy and any level of uncertainty will have an impact.
“As we go through this process, the BHA will call upon every politician in this country to do all they can to guard the strong reputation that our industry has built representing a hospitable and welcoming country all around the world.
“Our industry is one of the key drivers of exports, prosperity and the fourth largest employer supporting 4.5 million jobs.”