A twist on alcohol-free


PrintThe firm behind German beer brand Beck’s has expanded its range of alcohol-free beers with the launch of Beck’s Blue Lemon.
The new Beck’s variant is said to have the same flavour profile as alcohol-free Beck’s Blue but with an added twist of lemon.
The launch of Beck’s Blue Lemon follows the release of market research conducted by parent firm AB InBev which revealed 32% of the British public have tried an alcohol-free beer.
Aina Fuller, senior brand manager at AB InBev, said the launch of Beck’s Blue Lemon “is about encouraging consumers to make smart drinking choices by providing further choice”.
“The Beck’s brand is all about its German heritage and being progressive – so we are motivating our consumers to twist it up, drinking Beck’s Blue Lemon as an alternative when they are looking to stay sharp and moderate their drinking,” said Fuller.
“Lots of consumers don’t realise that Beck’s Blue and Beck’s Blue Lemon are beers in every sense of the word – just alcohol-free.
“They still use the same four key ingredients – barley, hops, yeast and water – and go through the traditional brewing process.
“The only difference is that they undergo a special and gentle de-alcoholisation process to remove the alcohol from the beer but maintain the great taste and flavour.”