Happy trails for US whiskey

TheE versatility of Kentucky bourbon Buffalo Trace took centre stage at four recent Scottish events for the brand.
The Buffalo Trail events, hosted in Glasgow and Edinburgh by brand distributor Hi-Spirits, included daytime masterclass sessions for local bartenders and evening dinners for consumers.

Buffalo Trace bottles on bar
The events were held at The Finnieston in Glasgow and The Bon Vivant in Edinburgh. The daytime activity included mixology sessions where the bourbon was used in a variety of different cocktails, while the evening events saw cocktails matched with a three-course dinner.
The events also provided bartenders and consumers with the chance to sample bourbons from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection – an annual release of rare whiskies from the Buffalo Trace distillery.
Buffalo Trace brand manager Tim Giles said bourbon is “growing a lot” throughout the UK.
“From what I’m seeing in Glasgow and Edinburgh at the moment, people love the brand,” Giles told SLTN.
“They love working with it. Maybe we need to help drive it a little more, but I can’t see it slowing down.”
He added that the events provided an opportunity to educate trade and consumers alike on the brand and the bourbon category as a whole.

Finnieston upstairs bar2
“We invited [bartenders] to come and learn about Buffalo Trace, and in the evening it’s about trying to get consumers to learn about bourbon as a whole, as a category, how to make drinks with it and how versatile it is to match with food,” said Giles.
“It’s such an easy drink to drink on its own, but when mixed with a few other ingredients, matching it with food works really well.”