Christmas cocktails

Harveys Mulled Apple and Winter Spice

Harveys Mulled Axpple & Winter Spice[3]

Ingredients (serves six)
200ml Harveys Bristol Cream
500ml pressed apple juice
Six cloves
50g vanilla sugar

Slowly warm all of the ingredients in a pan for 10-15 minutes to release the flavours.

Strain the liquid into a warmed two pint/one litre punch bowl.

Garnish with apple slices and serve in glass mugs decorated with star anise.
– Maxxium UK




Baileys Flat
White MartiniBaileys Flat White Martini

Ingredients (serves six)
50ml Baileys Original
25ml Smirnoff No.21 vodka
25ml Espresso
Three Coffee Beans

Add cubes of ice to a cocktail shaker. Using a jigger, measure 50ml Baileys Original Irish Cream and 25ml espresso and 25ml Smirnoff No.21 into the cocktail shaker. Shake the mixture vigorously until the surface of the cocktail shaker feels chilled. Use a cocktail strainer to strain the mixture into a Martini glass. Add three coffee beans on top of the drink to garnish.
– Diageo