How creative should bars be with serves?

“Rum is gathering momentum and we are seeing an increase in interest and sales.
“Consumers are now more experimental in how they drink it.
“While a rum and Coke is still popular, people are now willing to try a variety of serves and mixes – rum and ginger beer, rum and apple juice, or more elaborate cocktails using a variety of ingredients (including bitters which is now a popular mixer).”

– Patrick McAleenan

024_Captain Morgan Spiced with glass

“Rum is responsible for 21% of the spirits category value growth and the category is worth £845 million.
“Cocktails are all about the experience and new cocktails and flavours are always being created – that’s what is exciting about cocktails.
“Different textures can be created, like using bubbles to change the flavour profile of a cocktail, or egg white to change the density of a cocktail.”

– Ashley Moore