Pubco helps lessees to up their games

Star Pubs & Bars has equipped its business development managers (BDMs) with increased mobile access in a bid to help its lessees maximise revenues from gaming machines.

Star Pubs & Bars games machines 2

The pubco’s BDMs can now access up-to-date machine data analysis via their mobiles, enabling them to view current machine income trends and the performance of each machine.

Star Pubs & Bars said the technology will also enable BDMs to give lessees a “snap shot” of their share of income, the machine gaming duty owed and what VAT is reclaimable; the data will also flag up trends, highlight when income is up or down and enable it to be compared against wet sales.

Chris Jowsey, Star Pubs & Bars trading director, said the technology will enable BDMs to help lessees “identify issues and opportunities to grow machine income”.

“Machines are a vital income stream for many lessees,” he said.

“We are committed to being at the forefront of innovations in the sector so we are as strategic as possible in the advice we provide and can maximise machines take for our lessees.”