Energy saving pledge from supplier

A Catering equipment supplier has launched a new energy savings scheme.

FRIMA underlines energy efficiency with free electricity promotion[7]

Through its electricity bonus initiative, FRIMA is offering new customers who purchase its VarioCooking Center a refund on the cost of the first one thousand kilowatt hours of electricity they use, based on average consumption.

As part of the offer, anyone purchasing a unit before the end of December 2015 can claim their first 1000 kW/h used back by submitting an invoice to FRIMA with a copy of the last electricity bill; the company said it will pay the electricity bonus directly to the customer’s account, based on the average price of electricity on the bill.

“This means our customers are saving twice over, because the latest VarioCooking Center is already up to 40% more energy efficient than conventional cooking equipment, plus they get the 1000 kWh payment,” said FRIMA UK managing director Graham Kille.