Cook pasta faster


FRIMA’s patented VarioBoost heating system boils water three times as fast as conventional equipment.

This means the smallest VarioCooking Center, model 112, can cook 50 portions of pasta in less than 30 minutes – as opposed to nearly 90 minutes in similar sized pans. The largest model, the VCC 311, can cook 300 portions in under 30 minutes.
It’s not just faster: because it does everything automatically, the VarioCooking Center allows chefs to get on with other tasks, safe in the knowledge that the pasta will be perfectly cooked every time.
At the push of a button, the VarioCooking Center fills up with water and VarioBoost brings it to the boil in just a few minutes – the pan itself reaches 200ºC in 90 seconds. The unit then lowers the pasta into the boiling water and, as soon as it is cooked, automatically raises it out again.
“Nothing is ever overdone,” said Wentworth Club executive chef Stephen Tonkin. “The VCC gives us better control of our cooking.”

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