New design for liqueur’s centenary edition

DIAGEO has introduced a new bottle design for Cognac liqueur Grand Marnier.

The new design, for the brand’s Cuvée du Centenaire liqueur special edition, features crystalline glass and a thicker base, while the label has been replaced by platinum lettering and the number one hundred in numerals.

012_Grand Marnier Centenaire & Tea Perfect Serve with bottle[4]

Cuvée du Centenaire, which includes a blend of Cognacs that have been aged for up to 25 years, was introduced in 1927 to mark the centenary of Grand Marnier.

“The Grand Marnier Cuvée du Centenaire represents the best-in-class of blending and ageing Cognac and this beautiful new bottle enhances the quality and luxury credentials of a brand that has a strong heritage,” said Nick Temperley, head of Diageo Reserve Brands GB. “It makes a wonderful gift and gives the on-trade a real talking point for their customers, providing an elegant addition to their back-bar.”