Serve initiative takes it to the max

Soft drink paired with spirits as part of fresh on-trade push

A new-look glass bottle and a range of ‘signature’ spirit serves for ‘no sugar’ cola brand Pepsi Max have been launched in the on-trade.

Available in a 330ml size for ‘with food’ occasions and 200ml for mixing with spirits, the new “sleek and contoured” Pepsi Max bottle is said to have been inspired by the original bottle design; it will also be rolled out across the Diet Pepsi and original Pepsi variants.

047Bourbon Max

The launch of the new-look bottle coincides with the promotion of a range of new ‘signature’ spirit serves, including Vermouth Max, Brandy Max, Tequila Max and Bourbon Max.

Jonathan Gatward, GB marketing director at Britvic Soft Drinks, which distributes the PepsiCo-owned brand, said pairing Pepsi Max with spirits, will help ensure the soft drink can be enjoyed on a wider range of occasions.

“The new Pepsi Max bottle has been designed to sit perfectly in the most discerning bars and restaurants,” he said.

“The citrus and caramel ‘full mouth’ flavours of Pepsi Max delivers maximum taste with no sugar making the liquid perfect for mixing with spirits.

“With that in mind we’re confident that the UK on-trade will love our signature serves and we look forward to seeing and tasting any new unique drinks that the trade create with Pepsi Max themselves.”

Vermouth Max

Fractured ice

25ml Vermouth

200ml Pepsi Max

Orange peel

“The rich, sweet and slightly bitter Vermouth goes hand in hand with Pepsi Max. A peel of orange balances the sweetness of the spirit.”

Tequila Max

Fractured ice

25ml Tequila

200ml Pepsi Max

Lime wedges

“Tequila’s complex pepper and floral notes sit perfectly with the earthy and caramel Pepsi Max taste. Lime wedges cut through the alcohol and the sweetness.”