Perfection doesn’t have to be costly

Efficiency in the cellar can impact on the bottom line, writes Steve Lakin of Innserve

The bottom line in any business is vital for success, and none more so than the licensed trade.

There are many ways to improve operations, in the cellar and behind the bar, to ensure quality products are served every time, whilst reducing waste, not only in the drip trays but also in energy consumption.

013shutterstock_beer taps

Beer temperature is vital to quality.

The point of sale is often where quality can suffer, with warm beer fobbing and beer subjected to localised cold spots prone to chill haze.

However, with the installation of the best dispense equipment, excellent cellar management and good staff training, the serving of quality drinks will be guaranteed.

This will pay dividends as customers are willing to pay more for a good quality beer but will walk away if drinks are sub-standard.

A recent survey found that 34% of customers will go to a different outlet if quality is poor. This is highlighted by research conducted by the British Beer & Pub Association, which shows that sales can increase by 3% when good quality products are offered, and yields can improve by up to 7%.

Attaining and then maintaining the correct temperature is essential but expensive. An estimated 75% of the energy used within the pub is attributed to cooling, making the efficient operation of coolers vital to any energy saving strategy.

This is why Innserve has developed InnEnergy, an intelligent power optimisation device for beer and soft drinks coolers and ice makers.

InnEnergy monitors and optimises the energy used in any type of cooler that draws power from a UK three-pin plug.

Punch Taverns has installed over 3000 InnEnergy devices across its estate, generating large electricity savings.

This simple plug-in solution is already delivering substantial savings on energy costs and will continue to do so, without affecting normal business operations.

Steve Lakin is key account manager at Innserve.