T for 2

Tennent Caledonian Breweries has launched a lower ABV lager for the Scottish on-trade

Tennent's T2

T2 has an ABV of 2% and will be available on draught. It is said to offer the taste of Tennent’s Lager but with 50% lower alcohol strength.

The new beer is the fourth addition to the Tennent’s range in less than two years, following the launch of Black T, Lemon T and alcohol-free variant Hee Haw.

Paul Condron, marketing director at TCB, said the new brew “complements” the core Tennent’s range.

“Feedback from many pubs, clubs and bars across Scotland is that they are looking for more choice in this area, so we expect T2 on draught will be a welcome addition to the range of reduced ABV products currently on offer,” said Condron.

“Research has shown that consumers are open to trying reduced alcohol drinks, with many looking to moderate their drinking in line with their busy lifestyles or to manage their alcohol intake in a responsible way, so we are confident that T2 will help meet this demand.

“Upfront and honest, T2 is quite simply a great tasting, reduced alcohol option from Tennent’s.”