Firm rolls out food and wine wheel

THE trend for food and wine matching seems to show little sign of waning.

In a bid to help consumers make the best matches, Australian winery Jacob’s Creek has launched a food and wine pairing wheel on social media.


The Pernod Ricard-owned winery has created ten pairings, matching wines with common snack foods such as pizza, nachos and sausage rolls. Snack and wine suggestions on the wheel include Chardonnay with wasabi peas; Shiraz Rose with sea salt and balsamic vinegar crisps; Cabernet Sauvignon and pepperoni pizza; and Pinot Grigio with nachos.

The launch of the wheel comes after a survey found 51% of UK consumers want to know more about food and wine pairing and 57% regularly opt for a snack instead of an evening meal.

Jacob’s Creek wine maker Rebekah Richardson, who compiled the list with TV chef Jo Pratt, said: “Britons told us they wanted to know about the best wines to go with snacks like wasabi peas, popcorn and chocolate as well as old favourites like pizza. And this new take on wine pairings is the perfect solution.”