Red Bull’s two-pronged approach to boost sales

• Red Bull suggests serving a full can.

• Price

Find the ‘sweet spot’ on pricing so the price of a can, on its own or with a mixer, sits in line with other premium offers.
Getting the price right is key to encouraging consumers to trade up to the brand.
This is particularly true in cases such as student nights, which often offer £1 or £2 drinks. By offering a full can of Red Bull and a mixer for £1.50 more, outlets can encourage consumers to trade up.

• Perfect serve

When customers purchase a premium drink, they expect it to be served cold. It’s also important to provide a full can, which can prevent the drink going cold or flat.
The recommended serve is in a tall glass with ice and a slice of lime.
By offering this to consumers, our customers are able to provide the right drinking experience, and have a higher chance of repeat purchase, as the customer sees value for money and it tastes good.

– Ben Stewart, on-premises manager, North and Scotland, at Red Bull