Final call for refresher training

THOUSANDS of licensees are putting their livelihoods at risk by failing to complete personal licence holder refresher training.

Any personal licence holder (PLH) who received their licence on or before September 1, 2009 must complete a refresher course by August 31, and notify their licensing board by December 1.
But new figures secured by licensing law journal SLLP show that, despite a recent surge in courses completed, between 8000 and 12,000 licence holders are still to complete training.
Licensing lawyer Jack Cummins reminded PLHs that they will lose their licence if they don’t complete training by their allotted deadline.
“A huge number of personal licence holders have passed the exam but not notified [the board],” he said.
“Some might not appreciate that this is a two-stage process. If you complete the course, but don’t notify, the result will still be a revocation.”