Investing in your business

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Staff training can enhance businesses

LICENSING lawyers and training firms have stressed the importance of investing in employee training, which they say brings a plethora of benefits to business.

Nicola Reid, Diageo Learning for Life programme manager for the UK and Europe, said: “We believe it is incredibly important to invest in employee training – from health and safety to customer service, brand advocacy and workplace efficiency.

“It goes without saying that to keep these standards high, training must be refreshed regularly, in line with the ever-changing nature of the sector.

“External developments and emerging trends can impact on best practice and ways of working – and it’s essential to update staff accordingly.”

Niall Hassard, legal director – licensing (Scotland) at TLT, echoed Reid’s view, stating that the business’s bottom line stands to benefit from enhanced staff training.

However, he added that any additional training “should be relevant to the business”.

“There are many excellent sector-specific initiatives, for example, bystander training,” he said.

Fleshing out staff training also helps retention and the filling of skills gaps, reckons Paul Chase of CPL Training, who told SLTN: “This will become particularly important after Brexit, when we are likely to see a diminished number of workers coming here from the EU.”

And it’s vital operators keep a record of any training undertaken by staff, according to Audrey Junner of Hill Brown Licensing. She said: “I would always advise operators to keep good records of any training they do as should they find themselves in hot water, a thorough training record could be vital in establishing a due diligence defence.”