Leadership needed on indyref

SCOTLAND’S politicians need to show more “leadership and vision” ahead of September’s independence referendum, says Glasgow restaurateur Charan Gill.

Gill, who sold his Harlequin restaurant group in 2005, said the Scottish Government needs to convince voters that independence would bring “real change”.
“I am an undecided voter because, on one hand, I find the current political system to be corrupt and biased, not just in Britain, but across the ‘free world’ and, on the other, I fear once my emotional, patriotic euphoria subsides and the celebrations are over, I may have to deal with a hangover too great to be cured by a can of Irn-Bru,” said Gill.
Railing against a political system that he said has “failed to address and ignored the social issues of its majority for hundreds of years”, Gill said “personal independence”, freedom and equality “cannot be achieved by people with the current political mindset”.
“Scotland has an opportunity that few countries are fortunate to have; an opportunity to bring about real change, to lay foundations so strong that our future generations will be able to build upon them without fear of collapse,” said Gill.
“Are our leaders able enough? Do I believe they have the vision? Those are the only questions I need answers to.”