‘Vote with your throat’ at Ayr pub

• Tory MSP John Scott, Bob Shields and SNP councillor Corri Wilson.

AN Ayr pub is conducting its own independence poll over the next month by asking customers to “vote with their throats”.

The Twa Dugs, run by former Daily Record journalist Bob Shields, has introduced two beers from Ayr Brewing Company – one championing a ‘yes’ vote, the other supporting the ‘no’ side.
The ‘yes’ beer is a 3.8% IPA called Independence Pale Ale, while the ‘no’ side is represented by the 4.2% ABV Bitter Together.
The beers were launched by representatives from both sides of the debate: Conservative MSP John Scott and local SNP councillor Corri Wilson.
Shields described the beers, which are available in cask and bottle, as “a wee bit of froth on a normally dry story”.
“Every time some of my customers come in there’s a big ‘yes’ debate or a ‘no’ debate,” said Shields.
“You’ve got guys that prefer IPA but won’t touch it because it’s a ‘yes’, and other guys that would normally prefer a bitter that’ll say ‘I’m not touching that if it’s got a ‘no’ badge on it!’ It’s certainly polarised the punters.”