Sky investment in online training

New module aims to help licensees leverage live sport to drive footfall

• Alison Dolan (below) said the training module should help licensees “make the most of their Sky subscription”.

By Dave Hunter

SKY has launched a new online training module designed to help publicans make better use of live sport in their premises to drive footfall.

The course, titled Making the Most of Sport, was developed in conjunction with training firm CPL Training and includes tips on how to attract new customers, set up audio/visual equipment, and create more of an atmosphere around sporting events.
It also encourages publicans who may focus solely on football to branch out and consider using other sports events to drive footfall.
Split into three modules – On Your Marks, detailing how to plan events; Get Set, which deals with marketing events; and Go, which advises publicans on how to execute an event on the day – the course takes around an hour to complete, but can be paused and returned to at a later date.


Speaking to SLTN, Sky Business deputy managing director, Alison Dolan, said the programme was created to help licensees “create an occasion and give people a reason to come to the pub, rather than watch a game at home”.
“One of our main agenda items for the year is working with our licensee customers in particular to help them make the most of their Sky subscription,” said Dolan.
“There are a few dimensions to this, based on gaps we have seen, both when talking to customers and when visiting customer pubs, of things they don’t do, or don’t do enough of, that we thought we can help them with.
“We work very hard to help licensees that we do face to face training with, but it’s impossible to get around everyone.”
The training is accessible on Sky’s Preview Live website, as well as on the CPL Training site, and is available to non-customers as well as Sky subscribers.
“Given the summer coming up, our expectation is that it will be a really valuable and business-driving tool for landlords,” said Dolan.
“Our aim was to ensure that everyone who uses it – be it seasoned operators in live sport or those new to showing live sport in their pub – can get something out of it.”
In addition to the training module, Sky has released a set of ‘top tips’ to help its customers prepare for the various sporting events taking place this summer.
The tips include guidance on how to promote their venue and how to put together a snacks menu for sports fans.