Agony uncles return to TV

Brad and Dan characters are back in latest Foster’s ad

• Brad and Dan offer advice to a caller from Cardiff as part of the latest Good Call campaign ad.

FOSTER’S ‘agony uncles’ Brad and Dan have returned to UK television screens in the latest stage of the brand’s Good Call campaign.

The new advertisement, which sees Brad and Dan dispensing advice over the phone to a pub caller, is scheduled to be shown in three bursts with the current phase running until May 11.
The ad will then re-appear during coverage of this summer’s World Cup and have a final run from August 25 to October 12.
In the ad, a caller from a pub in Cardiff phones Brad and Dan complaining of a friend who “keeps talking about the economy on a guys’ night out”.

The new ad will run in three bursts including during coverage of this summer’s World Cup.

Brad and Dan identify the problem as “a classic case of GFC – Gentlemen’s Fun Crisis” and advise the caller to invent a code word or sign to warn his friend “when he’s being a drongo”.
Gayle Harrison, brand director at Foster’s parent firm Heineken, said the ad was “inspired by research which shows that, as young men grow older and responsibilities increase, time spent socialising with friends becomes less frequent and more precious”.
“They want to make the most of time together and they are genuinely horrified by the prospect of a mate wasting valuable time for pub banter by talking about subjects they regard as ‘serious boring stuff’,” said Harrison.
The new ad is the eighth incarnation of the Foster’s Good Call TV campaign.
Brad and Dan’s latest outing hits screens as retired footballer and actor Eric Cantona makes his return in a new burst of activity for sister brand Kronenbourg 1664.
The latest phase of the brand’s A Taste Supreme campaign launched last month across press, TV, online and video on demand services and will run until September.
As well as the established ‘Hero Farmers’ ad, the TV campaign includes two new 30-second executions, titled ‘Posterboy’ and ‘Nun’.
In addition to TV and video on demand channels, the ads can also been seen on the Kronenbourg 1664 Facebook page.