Getting tough on quality drinksware

The Artis glasses and carafes.

GLASS and tableware supplier Artis has introduced a new range of acrylic carafes to complement its existing polycarbonate drinksware ranges.

The carafes are designed to dispense liquids such as wine or water or as a way to store bar snacks like peanuts.
Artis claims there is increased demand for safer, hard-wearing drinksware over the summer months, particularly for use in outdoor areas such as beer gardens.
The company has also positioned the ranges for use at open-air events. Its polycarbonate ranges are said to be dishwasher-safe for up to 500 washes and can withstand temperatures of up to 145°C.
Artis said its Star Series and Top Series polycarbonate ranges are designed to replicate glass and include wine, Martini, flute, whisky, long drink and hi-ball versions. The wine ‘glasses’ include plain versions as well as variants with LCE marks at 125ml, 175ml or 250ml.

Image – The Artis glasses and carafes.