Ghosting in from Iceland


ICELANDIC craft brewery Einstök Ölgerd has released a limited edition ale in the UK in time for Christmas.

Doppelbock, which means ‘unique’ or ‘distinctive’ in the brand’s native Icelandic, is presented in seasonal packaging.
The ale (pictured right) is described as containing malted barley and chocolate tones, which produce a caramel sweetness.
Like other beers in the Einstök Ölgerd stable, the 6.7% ABV Doppelbock is brewed using water from the Hlíðarfjall Mountain, located just 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle. The Einstök Ölgerd range, distributed in the UK by Love Drinks, also includes Icelandic White Ale, Pale Ale and Toasted Porter.