Irn-Bru to reach new heights?


Consumers can win sunshine holiday through new promotion

SOFT drinks giant AG Barr reckons sales of Irn-Bru could reach new heights this summer thanks to a new on-pack promotion.
In what’s said to be the brand’s biggest ever instant win promotion, 100 consumers will get the chance to jet off for a week-long all-inclusive holiday on the Canary Island of Tenerife from October 16 during the half-term school holiday.

We’re confident the promotion will drive demand for Irn-Bru as holiday-hunting consumers search for winning packs.

With consumer confidence fragile, and pub-goers cutting back expenditure on luxuries like holidays, the team at AG Barr reckon it’s the perfect time for the promotion.
Kicking off in mid-July, the promotion will run on two-litre and 500ml PET bottles in the on-trade (and other packs in the off-trade), with 100 seats on the ‘Bru-Jet’ up for grabs: the 25 winners of the Willy Wonka-style golden tickets on packs are invited to take four seats.
Messages will feature on the reverse of winning pack labels, with consumers asked to call a number to claim their prize. The promotion will be backed by TV ads and what’s said to be the firm’s biggest ever investment in point of sale material, including jet-shaped ceiling hangers and posters.
The TV ads, which are still in production, will follow the adventures of air stewards Derek and Jackie, who are tipped by Barr to become the latest Irn-Bru advertising “icons”, following in the footsteps of Derek the Cuckoo (star of the Irn-Bru 32 ads) and Raoul (the pool-side, would-be lothario).
The Bru-Jet activity will extend to brand presence at airports, greeting the holiday-makers before they jet off and arrive in Tenerife.
Special holiday packs will be handed to the competition winners when they get to their all-inclusive hotel, including passes to the local aqua park.
The company said it aims to make the holiday as memorable as possible for the winners and their families.
And it also hopes the promotion will help sales of Irn-Bru soar this summer, though was unable to say exactly how much of an uplift it expects.

The ads will follow the adventures of air stewards Derek and Jackie, who are tipped to become Irn-Bru’s next icons.

“Times are tough for consumers at the moment but we’re running a promotion that will not only be fun but will provide 100 people with an all-inclusive holiday,” said Adrian Troy, head of marketing at AG Barr.
“We’re also offering all our consumers 10% off a summer holiday courtesy of Barrhead Travel.
“We’re confident that Bru-Jet will drive demand as holiday-hunting consumers search high and low for winning packs. Our advice to the trade couldn’t be easier: stock up, Irn-Bru’s going to fly this summer.”