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Friday, March 5, 2021
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Stephen McGowan TLT

COVID concerns: can the trade survive?

The Scottish hospitality sector has bent over backwards to comply with each new restriction as it came, writes Stephen McGowan
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Insurance ruling was a landmark

Last week the High Court published a lengthy judgment picking over the wording of some insurance policies
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Greater support for trade needed

COVID-19 has been devastating for us all personally, but for an industry based on socialising it has and will continue to be catastrophic

VAT cut meant to help the trade

The chancellor’s summer statement described a reduction in VAT for businesses in the hospitality sector

Ensure collection of customer details meets data protection requirements

The Scottish Government’s easing of the lockdown restrictions has now come into force for the licensed trade

Are you ready for reopening?

Hospitality businesses in Scotland are preparing to properly welcome customers back to their premises for the first time since the lockdown was introduced in March, with outdoor drinking having resumed at the beginning of last week and indoor hospitality set to return from Wednesday (July 15), subject to physical distancing rules and public health advice

Six steps to reopening your cellar

The COVID-19 outbreak, and subsequent hospitality outlet closures, has had a huge impact on the nation’s pub and bar industry

Coronavirus: Scottish Government reopening guidance must bring clarity for trade

The UK has begun to cautiously reopen after a lengthy lockdown, the initial shock of the closure of our industry has slowly begun to subside, and, for many operators, the focus is now shifting to find practical ways to reopen premises whilst meeting the requirements defined as 'COVID-19 Secure’

Coronavirus: Reopening date for Scottish hotels is crucial

In the past few days, I have seen a growing number of requests from various industry bodies looking for a date for the reopening of hotels and leisure businesses in Scotland

Property market will return to good health

Apart from stating the obvious – that no one really knows where we are and what is happening – clients, buyers, stakeholders and even my wife all regularly ask me what the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown has been on the market so far