Deposit return: what to expect

The forthcoming recycling initiative will introduce a few necessary changes for operators, writes David Barnes

Don’t ignore the fire risk signs

Infringement of fire safety regulations can have unthinkable consequences, writes fire safety consultant Dene Mitchell

Immigration challenges for hospitality industry continue

No matter what happens in this week’s general election, hiring foreign staff is about to get much more complicated, writes Iain Halliday of law firm McGill & Co

Clean lines keep them coming back

Operators and staff are taught many things about looking after beer, but can sometimes cut corners when it comes to cellar management and cleaning, writes Jeff Singer
Stephen McGowan

Is short-term lets licensing on the cards?

Airbnb and other short-term let providers have been under special scrutiny across Scotland, particularly in Edinburgh.

Are you on top of your energy use?

Energy efficiency can be a benefit to any business and make a real difference to the bottom line, writes Andrew Lever

Hospitality should embrace digital

Technology such as EPOS, online reservations and inventory systems are the future for the trade, writes Carl Reader

In Scotland David is beating Goliath

Recent high-profile closures have reinforced the resilience of Scotland’s independent restaurant scene, writes Alan Gordon .

‘Fatally flawed’ Act must be changed

With a backlog of personal licence renewals expected, make sure you have more than one PLH on your staff, says lawyer Janet Hood .

GDPR uncertainty remains a year on

Hospitality businesses can take opportunity to build more effective marketing databases, writes software developer Patrick Clover .