Friday, July 10, 2020
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Gin isn’t just popular in specialist bars, it’s booming in traditional pubs

The changing face of community spirit 

Pop Up bartender thinks collectively

Kelsie Hamilton explains how William Grant & Sons initiative has inspired her

Unwrapping festive drinks

Alex McTurk of Duke’s Corner in Dundee tells SLTN about the bar’s Christmas concoctions
Alex Lawrence

Mixing it up with one of the giants

Bartender Alex Lawrence talks to SLTN about working with Coca-Cola

Bartender on top of the world in Glasgow

Singapore's Bannie Kang was labelled the world’s best bartender in Glasgow as she triumphed in the final of Diageo World Class
Whitetail Spirits still

Island distillery is taking flight

What’s said to be the Isle of Mull’s first new distillery in over 2 centuries has been launched as the firm behind Whitetail Gin moves its production in-house.

Levelling the field

New Scottish craft spirits collective aims to do things differently .
Jody Buchan Kin Monkey Shoulder ambassador

Buchan in Monkey move

Jody Buchan, co-owner of Edinburgh cocktail bar Kin, has taken on the role of brand ambassador to Scotland and the north for whisky brand Monkey Shoulder.

Understanding the key to beer

Each style of beer has its fans, and they all act differently

The bar that turns its offer inside out

SLTN Award-winning venue is looking ahead to a busy summer season .