Bowmore and Aston Martin release final Masters’ Selection malt

Bowmore whisky bottle next to a presentation box
The fourth and final bottling in the Bowmore Masters’ Selection series

Bowmore’s collaboration with luxury British automotive brand Aston Martin has reached its ‘crescendo’ with the fourth release in its Masters’ Selection Series of single malts.

This 21-year-old whisky is said to unite its three Masters’ Selection predecessors, while adding ‘a further dimension’.

The liquid’s tasting notes suggest nutty sweetness on the nose, then rich salted toffee, orange zest and thyme alongside sultanas and oak spices on the palate, followed by long drying light medicinal and peat smoke notes.

Ron Welsh, who created the whisky for Bowmore, said: “This fourth and final edition of Masters’ Selection defines the journey of this collaboration to date with absolute perfection.

“We’ve brought together components of the previous three releases to realise the finale of the series to celebrate both flavour and complexity.

“Uniting the spirit of both Bowmore and Aston Martin has been an honour and a privilege for everyone involved and I am confident this shows in the quality of what we have created together. We look forward to continuing to explore and stretch the possibilities of this incredible partnership for many more years to come.”

Executive vice president and chief creative officer at Aston Martin, Marek Reichman, said: “Working on the Masters’ Selection has been both inspiring and enlightening over the past four years. The whisky-making process, with its attention to detail and depth, has enriched my understanding and appreciation for this craft.

“The final edition, showcasing flavours from roasted hazelnuts to grilled Seville orange zest, matured in carefully selected Tawny Port American oak casks and Oloroso Sherry butts, demonstrates the complexity and richness we aimed to achieve.

“This partnership with Bowmore highlights our shared values of precision and excellence, resulting in a whisky that truly stands out. I am proud to have played a role in creating this exceptional whisky.”

Bowmore Masters’ Selection Edition 4 is now available in key global markets, including UK, Germany, Canada, USA, and China at an RSP of £425 (ex VAT/duty).