Leith’s new ASKR serves up luxury lobster lunch on a budget

A bearded chef holds some large fish aloft
Dan Ashmore’s kitchen philosophy is all about fresh local ingredients

Edinburgh chef Dan Ashmore is keen to get attention for his new restaurant venture ASKR – and what better way to grab the headlines than to offer fresh lobster as part of its lunch deal?

Aiming to offer ‘incredible fine dining with an edge’, Ashmore cooks using a firepit installed at the heart of his newly-opened space on Leith’s Constitution St.

With the cost-of-living crisis in mind, Dan’s opening gambit for his business is to offer a lobster tasting menu dinner deal at the bargain price of £50, and for the ‘ultimate luxury on a budget’, a three-course £35 lobster lunch.

Dan said: “We’re all feeling it right now, times are difficult. People want to eat well, want to socialise, need to in fact – it’s important to switch off from the everyday worries now more than ever.

“So we have put together a deal we’re proud of – a lobster menu which is honestly incredible value at dinner, and one at lunch that is really special,” he said.

“We have worked hard to make this happen and it’s thanks to our amazing supplier, a fisherman who sells us lobsters direct from his boat, delivered here to us fresh by his mum. That’s the kind of connection we have with our beautiful Scottish produce – and it shows in the food.”

A plate of cooked lobster
ASKR’s lobster main course

ASKR’s five-course dinner menu includes snacks, flatbread, beetroot, and half a lobster, barbecued on the firepit and served with jersey royals and ‘secret butter’, plus a couple of nice treats to end, all for £50, with optional courses of cheese and ‘Death Star’ petits fours at £10 each.

The big bargain lunch offering features the lobster dish from the dinner menu and comes in at £35 total.

“We are open, we’re doing things our way and serving something unique to the people of the city now,” said Dan.

“I have worked with the most incredible ingredients with Dean at the Dean Banks Group and bringing that to my own restaurant still under the Dean umbrella is really exciting.

“We’re proud of what we do and want to share it – so take advantage of these deals and treat yourself!”