Hunky Dory group brings its first Chinese restaurant to Glasgow

With an investment of £800k and the promise of 60 new jobs, the Hunky Dory Dining Group is opening a new high-end restaurant offering contemporary Chinese dining in Glasgow city centre.

Zhima – which translates to ‘sesame’ in Mandarin – will open at the former site of Prezzo on St Vincent Place, on Friday, April 17, after substantial refurbishment.

This will be its ninth opening from Hunky Dory, which already operates popular Glasgow city centre spots for its Chaakoo Bombay Cafe, Panang, and Topolabamba brands.

Paul Sloan, co-founder of Hunky Dory Dining Group – which was established in partnership with Scottish restaurateurs Mario Gizzi and Tony Connetta of Di Maggio’s Restaurant Group (DRG) – believes the new venue will bring an ‘elevated’ dining experience to the Glasgow restaurant scene.

He said: “We’re so excited to bring Zhima to Glasgow city centre, where it will add something new to a burgeoning dining destination. The concept has been in development for close to four years but finding the right site was the key.

“We’ve had a plan in place with partners Mario and Tony to transform St. Vincent Street/Place, and this is the next stage. It’s right next to Buchanan Street and a prime location for a new venue. As soon as we heard the site on St. Vincent Place was becoming available, we knew it was the home for Zhima.”

He added: “There aren’t many places in the city centre where diners can go and get properly dressed up and that’s the point of difference we’re bringing to this part of Glasgow. It’s all about elevating customer experiences and providing a late night venue with a bit of glam and sophistication.”

Zhima promises to deliver ‘taste on every level’ and diners can expect ‘beautifully presented dishes and elegant interiors’.

There will be a business lunch, a pre-theatre, and evening menu, with ‘intimate’ private dining available for up to 12 guests. Cantonese, Hunan, and Sichuan influences will underpin the cooking style and small plates will be catered for at its elegant cocktail bar.

Sloan added: “Chinese food is a big part of Glasgow’s culture and the Zhima concept champions this. We’ve recruited chefs with more than 20 years’ experience working in Asian-fusion restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and hope to bring to Glasgow what Hakkasan does to London and Tattu does to Edinburgh – an elegant, adventurous dining destination.”