Young, gifted and green – drinks company goes carbon neutral

EDINBURGH-based spirits bottler, Young Spirits, has announced that it is now carbon neutral. 

The company, founded by business partners John Ferguson and Alex Harrison, provides a wide range of bottling, blending, storage and distribution services to businesses as well as creating the Uhuru range of spirits, which includes a whisky and a rum, with a share of sales going to African conservation project Tusk. 

In order to become carbon neutral the business has partnered with Make it Wild, an environmental company that carries out various green projects, including tree planting. 

The partnership has helped Young Spirits to reduce its carbon footprint as well as offset its emissions through planting trees in the UK in order to remove carbon from the atmosphere. 

The company has said that achieving net zero emissions is now its goal. 

Barbara Russell Scott, operations director at Young Spirits, said, “We are extremely proud that Young Spirits is helping the environment not only now but for decades to come through our carbon initiative. 

“Net zero remains a key commitment for our business.”