It’s finger liquor good!  

Cornish spirit has united with fast food spicing for what must surely be this month’s oddest drinks collaboration, bringing together Dead Man’s Fingers rum with Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The two brands have partnered to create a one-of-a-kind 11 herbed and spiced rum that will allegedly keep both fried chicken connoisseurs and ‘rumthusiasts’ happy.

Although KFC’s exact spicing mix remains a secret, the rum is claimed to match that perfect balance of herbs and spices, including black and white pepper, but with ‘whispers of creamy caramel, vanilla, treacle toffee and nutmeg’.

To see in this collaboration, the unlikely duo are opening the doors to pop-up Chicken and Rum Shack in the heart of English seaside town Margate on the 1st and 2nd September.   

Not only will this activation offer a whole lot of free chicken, there will be an expert mixologist on hand to serve up a bunch of Dead Man’s Fingers-approved cocktails, including Zinger Punch, The Colonel’s Colada and Fingers Lickin’ Good, all made with Dead Man’s Fingers Rum.