Special Càrn Mòr single malt is ‘something quite spectacular’

Wasted Degrees co-owner Jack Low.

‘SOMETHING quite spectacular’ was the result when two Perthshire drinks producers put their heads together to collaborate on a recent project. 

Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers worked with Perthshire brewery Wasted Degrees to create a special bottling of Morrison’s Càrn Mòr whisky. 

The single malt, distilled in 2012 at Glen Ord, spent nine years maturing in bourbon barrels before being transferred to a Wasted Degrees porter cask for a final year of maturation. Only 428 bottles have been released. 

Morrison claimed the resulting liquid is ‘something quite spectacular’. 

“This was our first experiment of this nature, so keeping a close eye on maturation and how the spirit was developing was critical,” said the company’s head of production, Graeme Mackeddie.

“After about six months we got a fairly good idea of the interaction and were very satisfied with the progress. After 12 months we felt the interaction between spirit and wood had achieved great balance and complexity at the same time. 

“It was an absolute delight to put this liquid in a bottle for us to share.”

Jack Low, who runs Wasted Degrees with brother Conall, said the chance to work with Morrison ‘was one we couldn’t miss’. 

“The beauty of this project is in the unknown, the alchemy of combining different materials, vessels, ingredients, drinks, to produce something of unique character,” he said.

“Much like single cask or limited release whisky bottlings, we take a similar approach to our range of beers: we only re-brew two of our recipes, and everything else is a one off – we’re here to explore together, confident in the journey ahead because of the quality of the brand and how the drink is produced.”