Indian restaurant Dhoom supports Dunfermline’s peacock population

Peacocks In Pittencrieff Park volunteers with the team from Dunfermline’s Dhoom Streatery and Bar

With their shared Indian roots, Dunfermline restauranteur Dhaneshwar Prasad has become a leading sponsor of the Fife city’s famous colony of exotic peacocks.

Back in March, Prasad donated £1000 to the charity that looks after the birds, ‘Peacocks In Pittencrieff Park’, and pledged to keep the money coming whenever he could.

True to his word, last week he treated the charity’s volunteers to another free lunch at his Dhoom Streatery and Bar, and handed over a further donation of £2000, to which his customers had contributed, that will keep the peacocks fed and looked after for around five months.

“We said back in March that the peacocks in The Glen are an absolutely fantastic attraction, bringing in many visitors to Dunfermline, along with providing great delight to families everywhere when they are in The Glen,” he said.

“They are also the symbol of Dunfermline, as well as being of Indian descent. We are committed to helping the volunteers who look after them so well. We know how important community support is!”

Prasad vision at Dhoom is to be right in the heart of the community: “Whether it’s providing free meals to NHS heroes, partnering with Carnegie Dojo, donating prizes to charity raffles or hosting charity dinners, we are committed to always doing what we can, even when times are still tough for our sector, as they still are.”

Carlyn Cane, one of the volunteers from Peacocks in Pittencrieff Park said: “Once again Prasad has gone the extra mile to provide us with another amazing donation. We are very grateful, and can assure everyone that the money will be very well spent indeed. We wish to thank him, his team and his customers who contributed.”

Dhoom’s fifth birthday is coming up soon and more community events will be planned. Prasad added: “We are very grateful for the amazing support we get from the people of Dunfermline who have embraced our concept wholeheartedly.

“Mumbai is next on the map of India for us to explore, with our new tasting menu launching on the 6th of September. Once again, it’s a tastebud tingling journey, this time through the vibrant streets of Mumbai, a city famous for its street food. We very much hope our customers enjoy it!”