Take the Kaizen Challenge at the House of Suntory Dojo

BARTENDERS will have the chance to learn more about Japanese drinks and hospitality this September when the House of Suntory’s Dojo advocacy programme comes to Edinburgh for the first time. 

An event on 21st September will focus on blending flavours and aromas and feature a tasting of Suntory’s Toki brand. 

That will be followed by a masterclass in Japanese hospitality, including the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, which will conclude with a tasting of Suntory’s Hibiki brand. 

Participants will also be encouraged to put their new-found knowledge and skills to the test via the ‘Kaizen Challenge’, which will task them with incorporating aspects of what they’ve learned into a classic cocktail. And it’s not just for glory – there’s a chance to win a trip to Japan in spring 2024. 

Raffaele di Monaco, UK Brand Ambassador for the House of Suntory

House of Suntory brand ambassador, Raffaele di Monaco, said Japanese bartending ‘is unlike anything else’. 

“From the laser focus on detail, to embracing omotenashi (to wholeheartedly look after guests) and monozukuri (craftsmanship and striving towards perfection), the collective approach elevates bartending to an artform.” 

He added that the Dojo programme aims ‘to bring these principles to the fore’.