Quality German-style kebabs promise to blow Glaswegian minds

THE team behind a new Glasgow restaurant is the latest to bring a taste of quality German-style kebabs to the city with the opening of Der Berliner.

Describing their kebabs as ‘a million miles from the junk food variety’, Der Berliner serves fresh-made lamb, beef and chicken kebabs (as well as vegetarian and vegan options) described as healthier and more nutritious than their fast food counterparts. Customers are able to choose their bread, meat (or alternative) and toppings before a chef assembles their custom kebab.

Manager CarolAnn Cassidy said: “This is a new concept for the city and it’s one people seem to be really embracing.

“We opened just at New Year as a soft launch and have been tweaking everything about our products, our food and our venue to get it absolutely right since then.

“That’s where we are now and we want to show people how good kebabs can be – this is healthy, nutritious food which is the mind-blowing thing for most, as it’s the exact opposite of the usual image of a kebab here.

“We are really proud of our food and the response from people so far has been incredible.”

In addition to the range of kebabs, the restaurant offers a selection of German beers as well as cocktails and soft drinks.

Though the doner kebab has its origins in the Ottoman Empire, the modern sandwich-style doner rose to prominence in Berlin, where it was introduced by Turkish immigrants.