Bartender app offers instantaneous drinks industry intelligence

DRINKTANK, the ‘global intelligence network’ for the drinks industry, has launched a new app to help brands connect with bartenders, and share information for mutual benefit.

Available for free download from the Apple and Google Play stores now, the Drinktank app makes it simpler and speedier for brands to secure the ‘invaluable’ insights they need from the heart of the industry.

Since its launch in 2018, the company has built up the ‘Drinktank Collective’, a network of over 1400 vetted career bartenders and bar-thinkers, including industry consultants, bar owners, managers, bartenders and barbacks from the World’s 50 Best Bars, through to neighbourhood bars, pubs and restaurants.

The idea is that, no matter the market, campaign or strategy a brand is looking to activate, Drinktank can source hundreds of insights directly from the target audience, across multiple segments and markets, to provide brands with tailormade, robust insight reports. Moving that process from desktop to app marks a further progression onwards from traditional third party, bartender-panel research.

Perhaps of most interest to on-trade workers, the new app puts a price on bartenders’ expertise – each and every member of the Collective that provides their insight is paid for their time and Drinktank takes 0% of that fee.

“With the launch of the new app, payments will be made instantaneously, meaning bartenders time and insights are recognised for their real value,” said Drinktank.

“From launching new briefs, to sourcing global insights and getting paid for their expertise, the new app makes it easier and faster for brands to secure – and bartenders to share – business-saving insights.”