A new look for Tayport after five years in the spirits industry

Tayport Distillery has announced the relaunch of its award-winning spirits range, featuring an all-new packaging design and two new products.

Since its establishment in 2017, the company has introduced a variety of premium spirits and is now bringing that range together as a ‘unified family’.

The rebrand amounts to a new direction for Tayport Distillery, focussing on growing awareness of its connection with the local community and the authentic products it makes using fruit and grain from surrounding farms.

“Our new logo strikingly showcases a modern portrayal of the iconic Larick Beacon, which has historically guided ships to Tayport Harbour,” said a company spokesperson. “It is one of Tayport’s most photographed landmarks and our designers have cleverly incorporated the ‘T’ for Tayport in the centre.

“Nestled in the region of Fife, blessed with a wonderful climate and surrounded by excellent fruit and grain farms, our spirits are crafted with the finest local ingredients. Tayport Distillery believe it is their location, patience and perseverance to the craft that has helped them to achieve numerous awards over the last four years for their Vodka, Gin and Liqueurs.”

To accompany the rebrand, Tayport Distillery has invested in the product range by introducing a Madagascan Vanilla Vodka and a Coffee Liqueur.

Director and Co-Founder Duncan McDougall said: “While retaining the elegance of our signature bottle design, our new packaging is a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into every bottle of Tayport Distillery spirits.

“Each bottle is individually stamped and wax-sealed, exuding a premium feel that embodies our brand and distinguishes us from the rest. Although our packaging has undergone a transformation, the exceptional quality of our award-winning drinks remains unchanged.”